In the area you can see foreigners and it is a safe neighborhood. At hand you can easily go to the bath House (Sentou), Supermarkert, restaurants, convenience stores, Isakaya, Post office, Police Station and library, which makes it very convenient for students and employees. Also there are temples and shrines in the area.


Room Size Price
101 3.5畳(tatami) ¥4,500
102 2.5畳(tatami) ¥3,500
103 4m2 ¥3,500
201 3.4畳(tatami) ¥3,800
202 5.8畳(tatami) ¥4,000
203 4.6m2 ¥3,200


東京都台東区橋場1-25-5 / Tokyo, TaitoKu Higashi Hashiba 1-25-5
JR常磐線 南千住駅 から 徒歩 16分 / 16 min walk from Minami Senjuu (JR Line)
日比谷線 三ノ輪駅 から 徒歩 17分 / Minowa Metro Station (Hibiya Line)17 minutes walk
銀座線 浅草駅 から 徒歩 17分 /Asakusa Station (Giza Line)
東武スカイツリー線 東向島駅 から 徒歩 15 / 20 min walk from Asakusa Eki (Ginza Line)

共同生活を営める方。部屋の掃除が出来る方。For people that can share space with other guests. Each guest must clean its own room.

男性、日本人、外国人。For male, female, Japanese or any nationality.

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